Celebrate Recovery Ten Commandments:

1. Thou shalt not visit the opposite sex alone at home.

2. Thou shalt not counsel the opposite sex alone at the office.

3. Thou shalt not counsel the opposite sex more than once without that person’s mate. Refer them.

4. Thou shalt not go to lunch alone with the opposite sex.

5. Thou shalt not kiss any attender of the opposite sex.

6. Thou shalt not discuss detailed sexual problems with the opposite sex in counseling.

7. Thou shalt not discuss your marriage problems with an attender of the opposite sex.

8. Thou shalt be careful in answering e-mails, cards, and letters from the opposite sex.

9. Thou shalt make your administrative support your protective ally.

10. Thou shalt pray for the integrity of other staff members.


Celebrate Recovery is a recovery program based on the Word of Jesus Christ and uses the eight recovery principals found in the Be-Attitudes as well as the twelve steps of Alcoholics Anonymous to free members of addictive and compulsive behaviors such as drug addiction, alcoholism, sex addiction, food addiction, gambling addiction, unforgiveness, depression, bipolar disorder or any hurt, habit or hangup that keeps us from our relationship with God and others. We have been helping members find freedom from bondage since 2005 in the Wilkes Barre, Kingston, Luzerne, Larksville, Edwardsville, Swoyersville, Forty Fort, Hanover and the entire Scranton Area and have outreach ministries in local institutions and work with area recovery centers such as Luzerne County Prison, Choices Adult Rehab, First Hospital, Salvation Army, Wyoming Valley Rescue Mission. Our members find freedom from all types of addictive and compulsive behavior such as drugs, alcohol, divorce, anger, anxiety, depression, sexual issues, infidelity, co-dependency, etc…