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Lesson 18 “G.R.A.C.E.”


Think About It To complete Principle 6 we must make our amends, make restitution, offer our forgiveness, but most of all, we must receive and model Jesus Christ’s freely given gift of GRACE. “My grace is enough for you. When you are weak, my power is made perfect in you.” So I am very happy […]

Lesson 17 “F.O.R.G.I.V.E.N.E.S.S.”


Think About It Do you know the three kinds of forgiveness? To be completely free form your resentments, anger, fears, shame, and guilt, you need to give and accept forgiveness in all areas of your lives. If you do not, your recovery will be stalled and thus incomplete. Have you accepted God’s forgiveness? Have your really accepted Jesus’ work […]

Lesson 16 “A.M.E.N.D.S.”


Think About It Making your amends is the beginning of the end of your isolation from others and God. The AMENDS acrostic will help you get started. Admit the hurt and the harm You need to once again face the hurts, resentments, and wrongs others have caused you, or wrongs that you have caused others. Holding on […]