We would like to let you know exactly what goes on at a meeting so there are no surprises when you arrive.

We hold our meetings on Tuesday night in the old chapel at Cross Creek Community Church at 370 Carverton Road in Trucksville. Upon arrival you should be greeted at the door by one of our members who will provide you with any handouts needed and direct you where to go.

The large group meeting starts at 6:30 promptly and is opened by some announcements and welcoming of the new comers and then we go into our praise and worship time which consists of two songs played by our praise and worship team. The reason we open in praise and worship is to allow everyone to forget what is going on in our busy lives and focus in on God’s presence so we are better able to hear the message he has for us.

The large group then proceeds with the planned lesson or a testimony. Our lessons are based on the acrostics provided by celebrate recovery (there are twenty five lessons in all) and the presenter is free to add to the acrostic and present it in his own personal style. At the close we play one more worship song before closing in prayer.

We take a five minute break and coffee and snacks are available in the fellowship hall.

The small groups then start at 7:45PM and there are different groups depending our your personal preference, issues address and gender. We separate the men and women at this point for safety’s sake and to allow each person to share openly within their own group.

The open share groups are gender specific and are usually five to 25 people in a group that discuss the lesson or testimony or anything else that comes to mind. There is a group facilitator that is tasked to keep the group on topic and ensure the small group guidelines are followed.

We also at this time have both men’s and women’s step groups going on if you would like to work the steps or learn to apply them to your life with a small group of people.

There is also a newcomers 101 class that goes on in the chapel to inform newcomers exactly what groups are where and what celebrate recovery is all about.

Messages, testimonies and lessons are posted on our website and Facebook group in a variety of different formats for you to review or catch up on a lesson you missed.

If you ever have a question certainly do ask one of the leaders (there are always several available at each meeting) who will be more then happy to point you in the right direction, answer questions and/or explain anything you need to know.